Sérgio and Patricia from Totenhopfen Brauhaus with guest host Karel

Going from home to commercial brewing in 2017, Totenhopfen is set to shake up the burgeoning brewing scene in Luxembourg. Shortly after the launch, Totenhopfen was already present in several European countries including Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Germany and Hungary. Totenhopfen was awarded by RateBeer in 2018 the 2nd Best New Brewer in the World, Best Luxembourgish Brewer as well as Best New Luxembourgish Brewer. In 2019 Ratebeer awarded Totenhopfen as Best Luxembourgish Brewer.

Sérgio and Patricia are in Sofia, Bulgaria for the 2nd Plenary Council of Independent Breweries – 26 Sept 20 craft beer festival organized by White Stork. We recorded this video few days before the festival for Craftbeerjournal.bg with guest host Karel.

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